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Not At My Desk - Still Working!

Another sleepless night. Tried to shut it down for a few hours, but the brain just wants to keep going. Such is the life of many technologically adept professionals these days, especially in the entrepreneurial arena. So what is there to do when the creative juices are flowing, deadlines are looming, and sleep is elusive?

Well, as luck would have it we are living in the 21st century, surrounded by gadgets and gizmos that keep us all interconnected 24/7 (unless the battery dies). So why not fire a few of them up, start swiping and typing, and see what comes of it?

Tonight was a good night. Not only was I able to knock out some administrative tasks that were dogging me, but as it turns out, one of my best clients was also combating insomnia by working through the night. We connected, and at 3 am, far away from my desk, I landed a new contract and the opportunity to help a valued customer once again.

Ah, life in the 21st century. From a gadget that fits in the palm of my hand I can conduct business any time, day or night. And I don't have to be sitting at my desk.

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